12 May 2014

Breakfast Club

On a dull and rainy Sunday morning, theres only one place to go, and thats The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is the kind of place you have to know about in London. 

Tucked away in a small side road in Soho, its not the kind of place you just stumble across, but when you do, you will know thats it from the giant queue that can be guaranteed to be lined up outside.  

The place is so popular, people wait for a good couple of hours to get a seat and some yummy breakfast. We were lucky, our wait was only an hour and boy was it worth it for the feast that was to come!

The decoration in the cafe is amazing, this particular shot was taken through the window as we eagerly peered in, in anticipation of the breakfasts that we had been drooling over for the past hour! 

The service was incredible and you can ever see a cheeky shot of the waiter in this picture (Where's Wally?!). 

Eventually we got seated and ordered some drinks. I went for the Breakfast Club hot chocolate to warm myself up after standing in the cold, while Reuben went for a 'Berry Monday' smoothie which was seriously fruity and refreshing, both great choices!!  

I have never been so excited by plates of food arriving at our table!

Reuben's dream had come true.....

So....by the time we had finished our breakfast it was coming up to 3pm. Therefore, we decided it was justifiable to have a breakfast pudding (we couldn't resist)!

I can honestly say these are the best pancakes i have EVER had......I'm even going to put it out there and say better than any I had in New York!!

They went down pretty well!

After a good hour and a half and with full tummies, we headed out and into the fresh air before a long 3 hour drive!

I think a 3 hour run would have been more suitable after our calorific feast!!

If your a food lover and are reading this with some serious food envy, then i would 100% recommend you get your butt to The Breakfast Club and see for yourself how incredible this place is!

There are 6 Breakfast Clubs across London so check out their website and find the closest one to you.